Our Solution

We deliver the clinical experience to the classroom through immersive VR

Students learn by being engaged and immersed, not by memorizing details out of a textbook. It is an entirely different experience to watch an emergency situation unfold in front of you.


High Definition

Our videos are shot in 4K, allowing us to capture small details and pass them on to the user.

VR 180 3D

When we record in 3D, surgeries come to life and details are more crisp.

Multiple Views

We feature both a bird's eye view as well as a First Person View.

Our Interactive App

Our interactive app features a full catalog of videos.

Access wordwide 24/7

Our servers are cloud based and are always online. Streaming is lightning fast.

Full Clinical Immersion Course

We have a comprehensive video library showcasing a full clinical immersion course.

The Endorsements

UCI Medical School

We have worked extensively with UCI Medical School to deliver the highest quality, most up-to-date content


We work with VentureWell, a company driven to solve the world's biggest challenges

UCI School of Engineering

We work with the UCI Henri Samueli School of Engineering